Manual Corrosion Scanning makes use of non-motorized scanners to carry out corrosion inspections. JIREH designs and manufactures manual scanners for two-axis inspections to assist with corrosion mapping (C-scans).

These scanners can facilitate X-Y inspections carrying a variety of probes and inspection tools for Semi-automated Ultrasonic Examination (SAUT). One of the most common probes used with JIREH’s manual corrosion scanners is the Olympus HydroFORM.

Rotix – Chain Corrosion Scanner

The Rotix – CEG027 is a manual chain corrosion scanner with a built-in positional encoder and index encoder. Designed to translate probes and wedges around non-ferrous piping and tubes for corrosion inspection, the Rotix chain corrosion scanner is a versatile tool which can adapted to pipe sizes of 10.2 cm – 96.5 cm (4 in – 38 in).

Stix – Magnetic Corrosion Scanner

The Stix – BGG008 is a manual magnetic corrosion scanner with a built in positional encoder and index encoder. It is designed to translate phased array probes and wedges around ferrous piping and vessels for the purpose of corrosion inspection.

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