JIREH INDUSTRIES designs and manufactures manual and automated scanners to assist with non-destructive testing in the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries.  The company was established in 1981 as a manufacturer of custom automated equipment.  Jireh has since expanded to a facility just east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and has developed a comprehensive product line featuring scanners used for the inspection of pipes, tanks, vessels, boiler tubes, and more. In 2014, Jireh opened the doors to its first dedicated sales office in Houston, Texas, USA.

The combination of a complete design and manufacturing facility has proven its value, enabling streamlined product development.  Enhanced engineering and machining capabilities have progressed throughout the years bringing Jireh to where it is today.  Jireh’s operations have grown to reach customers throughout North America and worldwide as well.  Jireh has the ability to design, engineer, manufacture, assemble, and ship its products all from under one roof, streamlining the flow of production.


Products designed at Jireh are conceptualized with the end-user in mind.  Whenever a product is under development at Jireh, necessary steps are taken to ensure that quality, ease of use, and outstanding value are drivers of the design process.


The engineering process is unique because it is coupled so closely with the manufacturing of Jireh’s products.  This gives Jireh the ability to prototype its products quickly and efficiently.  Well-refined products are the result of this close relationship between the engineering and manufacturing processes.


Jireh’s dynamic manufacturing abilities allow for complete development of its products in-house.  With a full range of automated and manual machines, nearly any product can take shape at Jireh’s facility.


Quality control is evident in the assembly of any Jireh product.  The assembly process is streamlined across multiple stages, resulting in a perfectly assembled product in minimal time.  Product integrity is ensured in Jireh’s products, as they undergo various checks and measurements before heading out the door.

Packaging and Shipping

Complete packaging and shipping services provide safe and reliable transport of Jireh’s products to their end destinations.  All products are carefully cleaned, packed, and set aside for shipment when needed.

ISO 9001
Jireh is certified to the most recently revised ISO quality standard of ISO 9001*. ISO 9001 is a more rigorous standard for many reasons. Our compliance to this revision is a huge benefit in terms of better output to the company’s quality system, and certainly our customers will realize this benefit in the products supplied to them. Unparalleled quality is without question the single most important aspect of all Jireh’s design and manufacturing services. It is the basis of our reputation and our ongoing success.

The goal of Jireh is to meet customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations, by delivering on time defect free products and services. This will be achieved by following the guidelines established in ISO 9001.

Jireh will continuously improve its technology, processes and performance to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Jireh will accomplish this by:

  • Incorporating only quality driven functions, processes and innovation
  • Stimulating every employee to approach their jobs with passion, creativity and commitment
  • Setting high expectations and ambitious goals
  • Committing to meet quality under any circumstances
  • Accepting nothing but the best from every employee

* Canadian office only.

What does “Jireh” mean?
The name “Jireh” is derived from the Hebrew language. “Jehovah Jireh” means “The Lord provides”.

How do I find Jireh?
We have two locations: just east of Sherwood Park, Alberta, and in Houston, Texas. Click on the “Locations” tab to view detailed maps.

What does Jireh actually do?
Jireh Industries designs and manufactures manual and motorized scanners to assist with non-destructive testing in the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries.

How long have you been doing this?
Jireh has been providing customers with design, manufacturing, and custom automation services since 1981.

Where does your equipment go?
Our equipment is being used throughout Canada and USA as well as internationally around the world.

Can I pay with my Credit Card?
Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.  We also have other payment options available.

Jireh’s scanning products will be featured at the following upcoming events:


Telephone: 780-922-4534
Fax: 780-922-5766

E-Mail: info@jireh-industries.com

53158 Range Road 224
Ardrossan, Alberta
Canada T8E 2K4

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday,
8:00am – 4:30pm MST (GMT -7:00)


Telephone: 832-564-0626

E-Mail: infoUSA@jireh-industries.com

2955 S Sam Houston Pkwy E
Suite 300
Houston, Texas
United States 77047

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday,
8:30am – 5:00pm CDT (GMT -6:00)


Telephone: 780-922-4534
Fax: 780-922-5766

E-Mail: info@jireh-industries.com


Telephone: 832-564-0626

E-Mail: info@jireh-industries.com

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