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Pit Gage

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The PGG002 – Pit Gage is used to measure surface variations. Offering a rotating digital display with several configurations and options, the pit gage is an essential tool for manual pit inspection. Available in 2 or 4 arm kits, the pit gage can also be combined with optional magnetic arms which can attach the pit gage to a ferrous scan surface, even upside down.

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Product Description

Digital Indicator, Range: 0 – 25 mm (0 – 1 in)
Digital Indicator, Resolution: .01 mm (.005 in)
Digital Indicator, Stem Diameter:  9.52 mm (.375 in)
Battery Requirements: 2 – CR2032 lithium coin cells
Operating Environment: -10° C (14° F) to 50° C (122° F)
Environmental Sealing: Waterproof (IP67)


Various Lengths: The pit gage can be outfitted with either 2, 4 extension arms. Add the extension arm kit to increase the pit gage length to 6 arms
Rotating Face: The display of the digital indicator can pivot 360° to accommodate inverted pit measurement.
Stroke: The range of the digital indicator is 25 mm (1 in).
Magnetic Arms: Magnetic arms are available as an add-on kit. The magnetic arms offer variable magnetic attraction, allowing the pit gage to be attached to ferrous surfaces.
Spare tip: A spare indicator tip is included with the kit.
Battery saving: When the device is not used for 30 minutes, the indicator will automatically shut off.
Warranty 3 year limited warranty on all products.

Size & Weight

Centre Base, Length: 11.56 cm (4.55 in)
Blind Side Base, Length: 9.53 cm (3.75 in)
Extension Arm, Length: 17.59 cm (6.93 in)
Pit Gage, Height: 15.04 cm cm (5.92 in)
Pit Gage, Width: 5.81 cm (2.29 in)
Shipping weight (2 arm kit): 1.17 kg (2.6 lb)
Shipping weight (4 arm kit): 1.54 kg (3.4 lb)

PGG002 - Pit Gage



Kit Contents

  • Digital Indicator (batteries included)
  • Centre Base
  • Blind side base
  • Extension Arms (2 or 4 arm kit)
  • Indicator Tip (x2)
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • User Manual