Various Raster Arm Lengths
Various Raster Arm LengthsCWG003 - 300mm Raster Arm - DCWG003 - 300mm Raster Arm - ECWG003 - 300mm Raster Arm - FCWG003-300mm-Raster-Arm-JCWG002-ACWG002-BCWG002-C900 mm Raster ArmCorrosion Scanning SkootPHS046-L300 mm Raster Arm with 2 probes300 mm small clearance inspection1160 mm HydroFORM raster arm

Motorized Raster Arm

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The Motorized Raster Arm adds two-axis automated scan capabilities to the Navic and Skoot systems.  The Raster Arm, available 300 mm (12 in), 600 mm (24 in), 900 mm (35 in), and 1160 mm (46 in) lengths, can carry many different probes for various types of corrosion scans, including conventional 0° transducers, phased array probes (HydroFORM, DLA/DMA, 5L64, etc.), and more. The handheld controller included with the Navic and Skoot is used to setup all parameters of the scan (speed, index, stroke, etc.).

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