PHS046-BPHS046-CPHS046-DRaster Arm and Corrosion Thickness Probe HolderCorrosion Thickness Probe Holder

Corrosion Thickness Probe Holder

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The Corrosion Thickness Probe Holder allows the Navic and Skoot (Skoot when outfitted with a Raster Arm Module) to perform corrosion and thickness scanning. When used in conjunction with a Raster Arm connected to either the Navic or Skoot, the Corrosion Thickness Probe Holder can assist with corrosion mapping (C-scans, or automated two-axis scans). It can also be mounted directly to a Navic crawler to assist with thickness measurement (A-scans) and line scans (encoded B-scans).

This probe holder is available to fit with various sizes of 0º probes/transducers.

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Product Description


with mounting bracket
A 140.09 mm (5.52 in)
B 135.18 mm (5.32 in)
C 38.28 mm (1.51 in)
D 38.28 mm (1.51 in)
E 32.77 mm (1.29 in)
without mounting bracket (Raster Arm application)
F  104.08 mm (4.10 in)
G 117.27 mm (4.62 in)
H 46.33 mm (1.82 in)
I 76.66 mm (3.02 in)

Receptacle Sizes

A 9.53 mm (0.375 in) dia.
B 12.7 mm (0.5 in) dia
C 19 mm (0.75 in) dia.
D Technisonic
E 25.4 mm (1 in)


Download Corrosion Thickness Probe Holder Manual