Achieve precision pit depth measurement with the Jireh Industries Pit Gage family. Take advantage of the advanced Pit Gage features such as: Magnetic arms, rotating digital indicator, IP67 rating and a one inch stroke, to enhance the operator experience and efficiency. The Pit Gage Classic is a proven platform for surface variation measurement that ensures ease of use and accuracy. Configure any Pit Gage kit to your requirements and know that for any surface, be it pipe, tank, vessels, the Pit Gage will exceed your inspection needs.

Pit Gage

The Pit Gage – Manual Pit Measurement tool is a manual system used to measure surface variations. Its accuracy, ease of use, and modular design make it an essential tool for manual inspection and pit depth measurement.

Pit Gage kits include options such as extension arms, magnetic extension arms, rotating-face indicators, and more.

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