Pit depth Gage

New pit depth measurement tool from JIREH Industries

Jireh Industries is pleased to announce the release of an update to its long-time, bestselling pit depth measurement tool. The new Pit Gage from Jireh features a few important changes aimed to increase convenience and efficiency for the operator.

The Pit Gage is used to measures surface variations on pipes, tanks, vessels, and nearly any other surface requiring inspection. New kits now feature an IP67 rated digital indicator, along with a measurement range of 25.4 mm (1 in). The rotating gage face adds convenience and increases readability for inverted applications. The hardware included in the kit is available in several configurations and options, including new variable strength magnetic arms which can attach the pit gage to a ferrous surface, even upside down.

Jireh Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of scanning technology for NDT. With more than 30 years in the precision machining and production industry, Jireh has developed a comprehensive product line featuring scanners used for the inspection of pipes, vessels, boiler tubes, tanks, and more. Combined with a commitment to quality and performance, Jireh backs all its products with a 3 year warranty.

Products can be viewed at jireh-industries.com, or at Jireh’s new sales office and showroom in Houston, Texas.