Reduced Width Chain Scanner

Jireh Industries is pleased to announce the release of an update to its manual weld inspection chain scanner product line. The Reduced Width Rotix from Jireh features a few important changes aimed to increase convenience and efficiency for the operator.

The Rotix Reduced Width Chain Scanner features an encoded probe-holding link (with encoder connector for most major UT instruments), along with double wheel links used in Jireh’s weld frame chain scanning systems. This reduced width link can be used to facilitate inspection in applications where scanners with minimal footprint are required (i.e. coating/insulation removal near a girth weld, elbows, flanges, etc.). Single probe scanning requires a width of only 10 cm (3.94 in), and dual probe scanning can be achieved with a width of only 25 cm (9.84 in). Capable of scanning non-ferrous surfaces from from 10.2 cm – 96.5 cm (4 in – 38 in) diameter, this scanner can also be used with magnetic wheels on ferrous surfaces for large diameter, flat, or even ID inspection.

Jireh Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of scanning technology for NDT. With more than 30 years in the precision machining and production industry, Jireh has developed a comprehensive product line featuring scanners used for the inspection of pipes, vessels, boiler tubes, tanks, and more. Combined with a commitment to quality and performance, Jireh backs all its products with a 3 year warranty.

Products can be viewed at, or at Jireh’s new sales office and showroom in Houston, Texas.